About Us

EverGreenChannels Digital Marketing Team (EGC)

With hands-on experience in SaaS, fintech, IT outsourcing, mobile apps, gaming, blockchain & crypto related services, online education, and B2B/B2C services.

We are data-driven T-shaped specialists proficient in several marketing fields.
We focus both on content and performance-based marketing approach. Dedicated team means you have the people who are involved in your project and dive deep into it.

Our main mission and goal – provide top quality internet marketing services and ensure that campaigns conducted by our experts lead to high ROI for our customers.
The experience of our experts allows us to achieve great results in the shortest time. We know how to build the right plan and apply knowledge to make each of our customers satisfied.

YachtsSearch was born as a passion project of one person - an experienced marketing specialist and accomplished Business Development expert, who made a bold move to fill it.